Value Offers

Business/Technical Consultancy

I can provide technical support in enhancing materials/structures integrity and performance as well advisory services for business development. With over 11 years work experience in research and project management roles, I provide insight into small and medium scale enterprise development. Solving business operation issues based on extensive research into failure analysis of boiler tubes used in power generation plants – An ESKOM Project. I have run series of simulations and analyses using ANSYS and MATLAB to develop a holistic framework to prevent unplanned outages and support maintenance decisions of coal-fired power plants. These are skills I have developed in the course of practical work and research experience.

Qualifications I hold include a Bachelors of Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO), Nigeria and Masters of Science in Material Science and Engineering (African University of Science and Technology (AUST), Nigeria). I have been decorated with awards as an academic high performer and also certified by the Nigeria Institute of Management. I hold membership in the Materials Research Society (MRS) and Materials Science and Technology Society of Nigeria.

Career Coaching & Mentorship

My history of successful academic and career profile in both business and academic environments has equipped and positioned me to mentor others. I will help you identify your career strengths and develop a strong capacity to achieve. I received the University of Pretoria Commonwealth Doctoral Scholarship among many other awards including:

  1. Best Overall CGPA in Materials Science and Engineering (M.Sc.), AUST, 2012/2013
  2. Full M.Sc. Scholarship Award by the African Development Bank/African University of
  3. Science and Technology, 2012/2013 Academic Session
  4. 2nd Best at Oceanic Leadership Academy, Set 84 (July – August 2010)
  5. Top Three in Polymer and Textile Engineering Department, FUTO (2005/2006)

With my support, you will identify, develop and achieve excellent career milestones. The journey to excellence is not always rosy but you can leverage on experience and support.

Faith Support & Mentorship

After authoring “Fundamental Questions for all Christians,” I became more desirous to reach out to challenge and motivate people towards purposeful living. There are questions all humans and also Christians seek answers to. Let me share with you what God has taught me and it will be life transforming. This book is less than a hundred pages of detailed study and searching. You will find answers to questions about who you are in Christ, why you are saved, your responsibilities and inheritance as a Christian and so much more. He who asks never gets lost.

Asides from giving you access to my book, I will also be available for prayer support, mentorship and guidance. A lot of us would have found our footing in Christ earlier if we had the right support systems to help us in confusing times. I hope you subscribe to my blog so that I can always send you my latest posts via email.